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A special offer and an unique opportunity to uncover the mysteries of the city with only one tour package.

Bucharest developed as a medieval town and each moment of Romanian history affected it in a strong manner. Earthquakes, big fires, wars and communism changed the face of the capital, and not always in a good manner.

To this, we add the huge number of victims too stubborn to leave this place and you can still hear them following you in the quiet nights.

Get the chance to see ruins of communism, hear unbelievable stories about how churches were moved in one piece due to Ceausescu’s ambitions, hear the voices of the victims from the Revolution through the stories of our guides.

Late in the evening, when trapped souls awake, you can discover haunted houses and horror stories from Bucharest and Romanian mythology.

You will find out that the city is connected not only to the famous Dracula, but also to a real vampire in the 70s, that used to suck the blood from the wounds of his victims. A must do if you want to see something else than the Old Town overwhelmed with tourists.


  • Find out amazing facts about the Palace of Parliament
  • Learn the story of how thw Romanian Revolution developed and visit the place where it started in Bucharest
  • See communist buildings, not as the ones you would expect
  • Taste a popular sweet from the communist era
  • Get to visit churches that were saved from demolition by using an inovative method.
  • See, touch and take pictures with communist objects
  • Listen to personal stories of the guide, who spent part of the childhood in communist

What’s included:

  • English speaking guide
  • Small things to taste
  • An authentic souvenir as a present X2
  • Access to an online info-point
  • Money back guarantee 100% 

Booking Information

*Book your place at the tour and fill in the booking form. Payment will be done cash at the end of the tour or online if you request it by email or phone.

*Also, you can book the tour by emailing at [email protected] (you will receive the confirmation in a few minutes) or simply by calling us (+40 768 837 619).

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