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Bucharest appeared as a small settlement on a commercial route connecting the north of Europe with the south and the Ottoman Empire. Soon, it became a commercial center itself with many trades taking place here, thus attracting merchants from all over the world. Germans, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians settled here and brought their culture and religion along.

After the first World War, when the Romanian state was officially established, more foreign communities came to Bucharest, the Italians being the most significant.

Before the second World War, the biggest Jewish community from all Romania was here in Bucharest, giving the name for an entire neighbourhood – the Jewish Quarter.  All these minorities built for them monumental churches, that have today very significant from cultural and historical point of view.

The tour will also explain why we can’t include any mosque on the route. The main attractions are:

  • Orthodox churches from the 18th century, including the patriarchal cathedral, built in an unique style, found only in Southern Romania;
  • The only Anglican church in the country;
  • Coral Jewish Temple, and the history of Jews during Holocaust;
  • Lutheran and Italian monumental churches;
  • The history of cults related to the architecture in Bucharest;
  • Paintings done by famous Romanian artists on the walls of the churches;
  • Real stories from how different religions managed to survive communism;
  • Amazing stories about how churches were saved from demolition and moved in one piece from the path of the bulldozers.

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  • Book your place at the tour and fill in the booking form. Payment will be done cash at the end of the tour or online if you request it by email or phone.
  • Also, you can book the tour by emailing at [email protected] (you will receive the confirmation in a few minutes) or simply by calling us (+40 768 837 619).



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avatar - Jul, 30, 2018 -

Toni_Ljiubljana (TripAdvisor)

She is an intelectual and is able to answer you every question about history, architecture, geography etc. Very pleasant tour with a personal approach. Best regards, Toni, Ljubljana, Slovenia

avatar - May, 06, 2018 -


Catalina was excellent and very informative. We were not rushed and had plenty of time for questions and photo ops. She covered a lot of history from the ancient times to current events. I highly recommend doing the walking tour at the beginning of your stay here to fully appreciate the sites of Buchares.

avatar - May, 15, 2018 -

lcm78, London (TripAdvisor)

Catalina is fantastic, very interesting and knowledgeable, and a great storyteller - very easy to listen to! This two and a half hour tour is a perfect way to orientate yourself in the city, understand its history, and see the highlights of the old town, including some hidden gems that I would never have found on my own. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Bucharest.

avatar - May, 23, 2018 -

Delphine Q (TripAdvisor)

Interesting and very informative tour ! The guide was very nice and friendly, we discovered an other part of Bucharest. I recommend !

avatar - Jul, 23, 2018 -

Zah K, Athens, Greece

I took the free guided walking tour of the old town with Catalina & am so glad I did! She is very articulate, knowledgeable & friendly. She took me to all of the important sites & told me the stories behind them. I would highly recommend booking one of her paid tours too.