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Bulevardul Unirii 1, București 030167, Romania (13)
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Short description – Bucharest Free Walking Tour

If you are visiting Bucharest, you need to see the Old Town beyond pubs and clubs. Our Unbelievable Team designed a special tour in the Old Town and, even more, this one is FREE: Bucharest Free Walking Tour. It means that you decide the price, by tipping the guide if you consider so.


  • Find out the amazing history of medieval, French and modern Bucharest;
  • Learn about how Dracula is strongly connected with our city;
  • Visit the most beautiful church in Bucharest;
  • Uncover misteryes that remain secrets even for some of the locals;
  • Receive a surprise cookie, very loved by locals since communist times.

What can you expect? – Bucharest Free Walking Tour

Bucharest – the city of joy. That’s what its name suggests, as “bucurie” in Romanian means joy.

Let us and the city surprise you, embark on a journey through time, architecture, history and myths. Explore the oldest part of Bucharest, the Old Town, in an unforgettable experience. Our local guides complete their stories with experiences, offering you to taste a Romanian sweet that was very famous in the communist times. Also, prepare to find about Romanian traditions or drool at the description of local dishes.

Bucharest Free Walking Tour Itinerary


  • We continue along the boulevard with the oldest hospital, the km 0 monument, a statue with intriguing urban myths, the National Bank (pay attention, it is one of the few in the world with gold inside!).


  • We then exit through Villacrosse Passage on what was the first paved road of the city, Victory avenue, in order to present you the wonderful CEC palace.


  • Shortly, we re-enter in the Old Town, full of pubs and clubs, to find a surprising 300 years old monastery. But these are not the oldest walls of the city, because next we will pass by the Old Court from the 15th century, one of its builders being Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula, so prepare to find out about the impaler’s history and how strongly connected to Bucharest he was.


  • From here, we exit in Saint Anthony’s square, where you can find the oldest church in town and one of the last “caravanserai”s standing in Europe (Manuc’s Inn).


  • And, of course, the tour can not be complete without the amazing building of the Palace of Parliament.


  • The tour ends on Unirii Boulevard where we have a nice view on the heaviest building on earth, and we uncover its mysteries.


Other benefits:

  • Find out stories behind well known tourist attractions;
  • Get surprised by our urban legends;
  • Discover architecture that you didn’t notice before;
  • Our local guides combine storytelling with historical data and visual information;
  • Consultancy, recommendations and help. We are supporting you during your stay in Bucharest! More than that, our team can help you with consultancy absolutely FREE.
  • If that’s not unbelievable enough, wait for even more surprises during the tour.

Schedule details:

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Meeting point: from Social 1 Restaurant, Unirii Boulevard 1 – Google Maps
  • Starting time: Everyday, at 10:30
  • Ending point: Coltea Park, Universitate
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: Tips Based

*Book your place at the tour and fill in the booking form (complete with the specific date – format example: 13.08.2018).

*Also, you can book the tour by emailing at [email protected] (you will receive the confirmation in a few minutes).

*The tour will run even with only one tourist.


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Monday10.30 - 13:00
Tuesday10.30 - 13:00
Wednesday10.30 - 13:00
Thursday10.30 - 13:00
Friday10.30 - 13:00
Saturday10.30 - 13:00
Sunday10.30 - 13:00

13 Reviews
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avatar - Apr, 24, 2018 -

TheFeelOfSofia (TripAdvisor)

We are a group of 3 - my girlfriend and my brother. We have done Three tours together so far but this one was the best! The guide, Catalina, told us everything we needed to know and delivered her stories with passion and love about her city! She gave us tips on how to eat like locals and where to find the best and cheapest restaurant in town - and the best part is that it was DELICIOUS!

avatar - May, 05, 2018 -

Carolien O

recommend this to everyone that wants to explore buckarest, preferably on the first day of your visit.

avatar - May, 07, 2018 -

Petronela B, Germany (TripAdvisor)

This tour is an enjoyable combination of storytelling and sightseeing. Catalina is very friendly, patient and informative guide ready to answer all our questions. I am looking forward to join some of their thematic tours when I am back in Bucharest. Thank you!

avatar - May, 19, 2018 -

Christopher C (TripAdvisor)

We ended up having Catalina take just my partner and I around Bucharest. She had great knowledge and was able to tell the story of Romania and the past and current history.

avatar - May, 31, 2018 -

GoEatGive, (TripAdvisor)

I took the free guided walking tour of the old town with Catalina & am so glad I did! She is very articulate, knowledgeable & friendly. She took me to all of the important sites & told me the stories behind them. I would highly recommend booking one of her paid tours too.

avatar - Jun, 09, 2018 -

NusiGusi (TripAdvisor)

We chose this tour from Spain guided online by the opinions on this site and we had a blast! Catalina gave us an incredibly fun and insightful tour, showing us not only the main buildings in the city center, but giving us information on the history and myths of the city, the country and the Romanian people. It esa obvious from the begining that she is passionate about what she does and about the city of Bucharest and was able to make us fall in love with the city in only 2 hour. Thank you for the good time and for all your stories (Catalina never forgets her stories ;)).

avatar - Jun, 13, 2018 -

Chad W (TripAdvisor)

Catalina was an excellent guide, I was the only person to show up for the tour that day but she still gave 110% for the tour. A very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour exploring parts of the city focusing around the old town. Definitely enhanced my stay in Bucharest as well as taught me a lot that I wouldn't have discovered on my own. Excellent tour and would have looked up their other tours if I was staying longer.

avatar - Jun, 17, 2018 -

Ignacio P, Spain (TripAdvisor)

Catalina is a superguide! We had a great time with her, she explained and showed us everything that we needed to know about Bucharest. Thanks to Andrada too, she came to practice to do the tour in Spanish, I hope that you finally do it because you are really good at Spanish. Thank you so much!

avatar - Jun, 18, 2018 -

Danuta P (TripAdvisor)

Grate tour. Catalina was such a great guide, full of information, enjoyed the walk so much!! Recommend to all who want to hear about Romania !!! Thank you Guys!

avatar - Jun, 24, 2018 -

Iker A, Bilbao, Spain (TripAdvisor)

I did the tour with two really kind ladies that toured us around the city giving us a snapshoot of Bucharest history, getting into details of some special places. It is really recommended to whoever wants to have a full overview of where he/she is and knowing what's behind the monumental buidings. They also gave us suggestions and recommendations to move around the city and in the nearby places. Many thanks ladies!

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