Daytime Vampire Chasing & Bucharest Food Tour

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Daytime Vampire Chasing & Bucharest Food Tour


Short description

The Bucharest Food Tour gathers for approximately 4 hours the most interesting things in the city: facts and histories about vampires and the opportunity to taste Romanian food, from starters to desserts.

The city hides many mysteries and secrets that you will find out during the tour, such as:

  • the strong connection between Dracula and Bucharest,
  • how a replica of his real castle was built here,
  • the position of the Romanian Church towards vampires and spirit possession,
  • but also the story of the mass murder surnamed “the vampire of Bucharest”,
  • In between, we will stop and taste traditional food and drinks to regain our strength.



  • Visit he replica of the real castle of Dracula, a hidden gem of the city, built more than 100 years ago;
  • Go through Carol the 1st Park, one of the oldest in town;
  • Get to see the Patriarchal Cathedral and hear exircism stories;
  • Find the story of Dracula at the Old Princely Court;
  • Eat traditional food from starters to dessert in three separate venues;
  • Try tuica, a traditional drink.


What can you expect?

Daytime Vampire Chasing and Bucharest Food Tour will start at the Tineretului Park and we will have a short walk to our first unique objective, the replica of the real Dracula’s castle in Bucharest. The guide will tell you the story of Vlad Tepes, his life and how he built Poienari, his only castle.

After that, we will enter in one of the oldest parks in Bucharest and stroll on his beautiful alleys in order to reach our first restaurant. There we will taste traditional starters and tuica surrounded by trees.

Refreshed, we will continue our walk in an old neighbourhood where you will find out about the vampire of Bucharest that terrorized the city in the 70s.

Later, at the Patriarchal Cathedral, get surprised to discover how people died in exorcising process and what is the official position of the Romanian Church towards the existence of vampires, ghosts and other spirits.

Being close to the Old Town, we will have our lunch at a traditional Romanian restaurant. There we will taste the famous ciorba and mici, beer included.

Our next stop will be the Old Princely Court of Dracula, where people say that you can still see his ghost hunting the place! The guide will tell you about Vlad’s unfortunate childhood and his methods of torture as a ruler of Wallachia.

Finally, after some ghost stories of haunted places in the area, we will have our last stop for the famous Romanian dessert papanasi and a lemonade.


What’s included

  • Drinks: One shot of Tuica, one Romanian beer  and one lemonade
  • Food: Traditional starter, one “ciorba”/traditional sour soup, sarmale and papanasi.
  • English speaking guide
  • Access to an online info-point
  • Bucharest Survival Guide
  • An authentic souvenir as a present

Schedule details

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Meeting point: at the entrance of Tineretului Park, metro station
  • Starting time: 10AM
  • Ending point: Old Town
  • Language: English

Booking Information

*Book your place at the tour and fill in the booking form. Payment will be done cash at the end of the tour or online if you request it by email or phone.

*Also, you can book the tour by emailing at [email protected] (you will receive the confirmation in a few minutes) or simply by calling us (+40 768 837 619).


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Friday10.00 - 14.00
Saturday10.00 - 14.00
Sunday10.00 - 14.00

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avatar - Jun, 06, 2018 -

Lisa P (TripAdvisor)

Wow! Catalina was so kind to take me on an unbelievable tour of Bucharest, history of Vlad the Impaler [Dracula]. Also the great legends and facts that make Bucharest come alive. The food was amazing and you are sure to love the sour soup, sausages, beer and fantastic dessert. I saw many sights that would be impossible for me to know on my own, really made me start to have affection for Bucharest. From the beginning of this review you know with my blue eyes I can fix the evil eye However, luckily I now know the cure as well. You will have to take the tour to learn this and many other wonderful insights! Be sure to make this tour part of your Bucharest experience.

avatar - Jun, 24, 2018 -

Bree P (TripAdvisor)

The tour me, my mom, and friend had with Katalina was the best tour we have had on our trip. We went on her Day time vampire and food tour. She was very smart, informative, kind, and answered all our questions. The fact she was born and raised in Bucharest allowed us to understand the culture more. I was very impressed with her English and knowledge of her country's history. I would recommend her to anyone looking to explore the history and taste of Bucharest.

avatar - Jul, 02, 2018 -

Sdhooks (TripAdvisor)

Catalina was a wonderful guide; full of stories and amazing facts about not only the legends of the area but also Romanian culture and life. The restaurants were obviously chosen with care and offered a variety of Romanian foods. Great company and great food; the perfect combination.