Top Romanian foods and what Romanians think about them

We Romanians tend to brag all the time about our food. 
This is because we love to eat, we turn our holidays into real feasts with at least six types of food and we have a clear preference for meat, especially pork. 
We actually have one popular saying here: 
„my favorite vegetable is pork”. 
So let’s see what we really think about our top romanian foods!


They are mandatory on Christmas and Easter, but we cook them several other times per year, just because we love them a lot. 

They are made out of minced meat, rice and some vegetables all put together in pickled cabbage leaves, some kind of cabbage rolls. 

Now, you might hear some people saying that sarmale is not Romanian, that you can find them in all Balcanik countries, that they are Turkish or even of Indian origin. 

But I know one clear thing: when my mother cooks sarmale, she uses the recipe that she knows from my grandmother and from my great grandmother. 

And they were not Indian, I am telling you. 

Our sarmale clearly have a taste of Romania!

Mici - No. 1 in our top romanian foods?!

Some restaurants mark them in the menu as skinless sausages, because this is how this dish was born. 

The legend says that, in the past, on Covaci street there was one very popular restaurant, famous for its „small sausages”. 

One day, Iordache, the owner, finished the sausages, but he had many other customers waiting. 

He tried to make more of them, but he had no skin left, so he simply rolled the minced meat, added some spices and placed them like that on the grill. 

As a joke, someone called them only „smalls”, translated in Romanian as mici or mititei. 

Take our advice: they go perfectly with beer, at least once per week with your friends. 

Don’t tell me again that they look similar to Turkish food, no way. 

They are clearly Romanian and you can tell by how fat they are!

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 It is a sour soup, made with meat or without it (yes, it is one of the few exceptions). 

The vegetables that shouldn’t be missed when you cook ciorba are carrots and onions. 

In order to make it sour, most of the time, we add what we call bors

If you want to try it, any type of ciorba will do, but the most popular ones are either beef, beans or tripe ciorba. 

Well, the real secret of ciorba is that it cures everything: from hangover to flu, it is believed to be the main source of vitamins ever and its absence will make you sick for sure. 

At least that’s what you hear from Romanian mothers. And if you visit your mom and you refuse to eat her ciorba, she will kill you for sure.


Made by boiling the corn flour, somehow, it is the sister of the Italian polenta. 

It goes with sarmale, cabbage, cheese or whatever, who cares? 

You can try it hot or cold, then you can also fry it, just to make sure there is nothing left of it. 

Ask one Romanian and they will tell you that we invented mamaliga, it is only ours! 

Truth is that our ancestors, the Dacians, weren’t growing corn, because, as we well know, corn was brought to Europe only in Medieval times. 

You definitely need to try it with sarmale!

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