6 weird things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest, apart from being the capital of Romania, is also a city of mysteries, old myths and strange appearances. Of course you can be amazed here by the beautiful architecture, similar to the parisian one, by the glamorous nightlife, but this time we prepared for you a list of six weird things to do in the biggest Romanian city. Why six? Well, because six-six-six would be too much for an article.

1. Visit the Bellu Cemetery

It is the biggest cemetery in Bucharest and it is the place where famous artists, writers or political leaders are buried. Strange to know that, before becoming a cemetery, the place was occupied by a garden where people used to come to dance and have fun. But this is boring compared to the fact that one of the monuments here is a spiritism temple. The tomb of young Iulia Hasdeu, a child prodigy dead at only 19, was built few months after her death following a very strict architectural plan that was dictated to her father by the spirit of Iulia herself. It became so famous that in the ‘80s, one Brazilian association wanted to buy it with 5 million dollars, but the communist authorities refused to sell it. And it is not the only mystery of the cemetery…

2. The replica of the real Dracula’s castle

If you are a real Dracula fan, most likely you already know that the book was inspired from Romanian mythology and history. Although many people believe that Bran Castle is the place where Dracula lived, actually the voievod Vlad the Impaler was never there. During his lifetime, he built only one castle, found in the mountains and called Poienari. The legend says that he forced unfaithful noblemen to march from Targoviste to Poienari and build his castle. In 1906, because the Romanian king Carol the 1st appreciated Vlad so much, he built a small replica of Poienari in the park that now is called Carol Park.

3. Dracula’s Old Court

On the same note, exactly in the center of Bucharest, you can find the ruins of the Old Princely Court that was partially built by Vlad Dracula. One of the most famous and weird stories is the one of “the wall of Vlad”. In the 16th century, the ruler Mircea Ciobanu started to rebuild the Princely Court and for that a part of the old walls had to be demolished. Everything went according to the plan, except for one part of the wall that refused to fall, which, according to the popular belief, was built and cursed by Dracula

4. Zlatari Church

Built at the beginning of the 18th century, the small church found on Victory Avenue, is the retreat for all the people who believe that they were cursed by someone. Often, you can hear the priests reading from the book of releasing people from witchcraft. Inside the church, you can find an unusual relic: the hand of Saint Ciprian, a former wizard that turned to Christianity and was sacrificed as a martyr in 304. Priests confess that also witches come there from time to time in order to steal small pieces of wood from the box where the relic is held and to use them to increase their power.

5. Haunted places and houses

As any of the old and big cities, Bucharest was affected by many disasters that lead to thousands of deaths almost every time:

  • strong earthquakes,
  • floods,
  • big fires.

The souls of the ones that died from violent deaths refused to leave and, from time to time, you can hear them screaming or begging for help. One of them is in Saint Anthony’s square where a former prison and a small church burnt during the Easter day of 1847.

The only thing that survived the fire was an icon of Saint Anthony which is now considered a miracle maker and people often go there every Tuesday to present their wishes.

The city also has many stories about haunted houses where murders and suicidals took place or where old owners came back to reclaim their property, but none of them can be visited inside, many of them being still inhabited.

6. Ghosts and Vampires Bucharest Tour

Take a Ghosts & Vampires Tour with us. The tour passes by more haunted houses and buildings, such as the famous house of the devil and contains horror stories related to Bucharest. The real story of Dracula or the story of the real vampire in the 70s? Romanian superstitions, weird traditions and stories of strigoi coming back from the grave? We have them all. Plus, you get the chance to try and listen to the spirits of prisoners dead in the great fire or visit a strange relic of a saint that is supposed to free you from witchcraft. Book now!

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