Bucharest Old Town

Bucharest Old Town

If you visit Bucharest, you will notice that its city center has it all: big shopping areas, a great number of hotels, interesting restaurants, a very active nightlife and, of course, history. Stroll the narrow streets of the Bucharest Old Town with its 150 years old architecture, but don’t forget to always look up.

Many times, the most interesting part of the building is represented by the sculptures on the upper floor or its beautiful balconies. Difficult to say which are the main historical attractions here, because we love them all, along with their stories and mysteries. That’s why we try to include as many sites as possible in our free tour A Tale of Old and New. However, here’s our top three:

1. The Old Princely Court established more than 500 years ago, the place where the rulers of Wallachia were living, including Vlad the Impeller, also known as Dracula. The Court is nowadays a museum and includes standing walls and important artifacts from the history of Bucharest.

2. Stavropoleos Monastery is a small church with a wonderful garden. If you are hot and tired from walking the streets, take a break in the monastery’s courtyard. Trust us, you will not regret it. And you will also get the chance to see an unique architectural style – Brancovenesc style, typical for the beginning of the 18th century Walachia.


3. Macca  Villacrosse Passage, a hidden gem of the Old Town, built in 1891. If you enjoy hookah, that’s the place to be. In summer, it’s easy to find it: just follow the exotic smell of flavored tobacco.

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