6 Unbelievable Facts About Bucharest

Bucharest, this city of contrasts, mysteries, but also joy. If you are not sure yet about coming here or not, here are some interesting facts about Bucharest that might convince you to make your choice.

1. Bucur’s city
The name of the city comes from the name of a shepherd, Bucur, that once settled in this area and fell in love with a girl, Dambovita (actually our main river). But what is interesting is the fact that the name itself Bucuresti translates as “the city of joy”. So here you go, now you know the explanation for why we have one of the most active nightlife in Europe.

2. 2000 years of history
Bucharest was inhabited more than 2000 years ago. Ruins and relics from 70 B.C. were uncovered to prove that.
Even though inhabited for long time, Bucharest was first mentioned officially only in 1459 in a letter signed by Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula.
Except the historical events, there are also interesting practical facts about Bucharest.

Practical Facts about Bucharest

4. Internet speed
For example, the city has one of the fastest internet speed in the world, especially 4G and almost everywhere. That’s why you will see many people using it even while riding the subway. It might even be a good idea to buy o local phone card to make sure you have cheap internet everywhere while in Bucharest.

5. One of the best coffees

According to the opinions of our tourists at Unbelievable Bucharest, we also have one of the best coffees in Europe. Even though Starbucks, Gloria Jeans or Second Cup are quite popular for young people, the real coffee lovers can enjoy a nice brewed coffee in special places, but also in any local restaurant.

6. Palace of Parliament
And since an article about Bucharest can’t be written without mentioning the Palace of Parliament, here it is: also known as the House of the People, it is actually the heaviest building in the world. How heavy? Come and find it out. Our guides will surprise you with even more interesting information about the Palace of Parliament and Bucharest.
You can find a lot of stories about the Palace of Parliament in our Bucharest Communist Tour.


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